Re: sheet objects

Doesn't work this way for me (with Guppi graphs embedded in Gnumeric and
column type graphs): for me, mouse buttons inside the graph do *nothing*
at all. Should I file it as a bug?


On Thu, 2002-01-17 at 17:22, Roy-Magne Mo wrote:
On to , 2002-01-17 at 23:16, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
Well, there is some logic in it. But in this case, maybe it is possible
to change the way mouse events are handled in Guppi  component - e.g.
make Guppi explicitly ignore most of these events so that Gunumeric can
handle them? The only mouse event I saw that produced some useful action
in Guppi is pulling away parts of a pie graph and roatating the pie
graph; for all other types of graphs, mouse clicks do nothing.  

in guppi, the left button zooms in, the right zoom out and the middle
button moves the graph around in the data area.

That something :) 


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