sheet objects

Hi guys:
can anyone tell me how one should select/move/resize/edit properties of 
embedded sheet objects (such as graphs or images)? For me, it seems
rather illogical. (I am using gnumeric-1.0.2). For example:

For "hello world" bonobo component, after you select it with
double-click, you can move it with left mouse button and get context
menu (with items "open" and "delete") by right-clicking

For Guppi graphs, after you select it with double-click, neither of
mouse buttons does *anything* when you click, double click, or try to
drag with a button inside the object. To move it, you need first select
the graph by double-clicking, then click and drag on the *boundary* of
the graph. To get context menu, you need to *deselect* the graph by
clicking elsewhere, then right-click on the graph. 

For EOG images: same as graphs. 

I would think that the behavior for hello world looks most intuitive. Is
there a reason why other components don't use the same mouse button

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