Re: BIFF loader source

Hi Jody,

On Thu, 2002-01-17 at 08:22, Jody Goldberg wrote:
Actually, Nick discussed it before redoing things this way and I'd
rather it stay distinct.  The XL plugin is critical enough that
destabilizing it with an infrequent code path seems a bad bet.

        Agreed; but just do a diff on biff-formula.c vs. ms-formula-read.c and
you come across a handful of places where it is substantially different
- like a few lines of trivially auditable change. Some of the changes
are of the form:

+                       ptg_length = 6;
-                       ptg_length = (ver >= MS_BIFF_V8) ? 8 : 6;

        Which were already working for older biff versions [ this is not a
criticism Nick - I can see why you wanted to clean it up for your code
path ].

Utility routines should be shared as much as possible, but
individual record parsers for the older records are generally fairly
different so there is no major gain.

        Given that there are 1450 lines of relatively complex formula parsing /
converting code that are then modified by 20 lines of changes -
including large cut and paste tables etc. it doesn't seem like there is
much sharing proposed.

        Clearly - cut and paste of large chunks of (complex) code is barbaric,
and worse when the code is complex (fragile?) than otherwise. I would
strongly recommend then that these (great) changes are merged back into
the mainline - so the work isn't wasted - during the Gnome 2.0 port,
where (presumably) it is ok to touch the importer. But that it remains a
standalone, extra for 1.0 - in which case cut & paste is perhaps

        How does that sound ?



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