Re: configure can't find libglade

Jody writes:
There are 2 common problems.

1) If you installed libglade from a package make sure to install the
-devel package too.

I have libglade0-dev installed.

2) If you are sure libglade development files are installed double
check the prefix it is using.  If it is different than the one used
by gnome-libs you will need to use the GNOME_PATH environment

Per Debian policy, the prefix is always /usr.

configure looks for libglade using gnome-config.  Using strace, I see
gnome-config looks for /usr/lib/ which is not there.
There are lots of other /usr/lib/ files there from other
Gnome libraries, but there is no installed anywhere.

I've filed a bug against the Debian libglade0-dev 0.17-2 package.

                     - Jim Van Zandt

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