Can't Configure Gnumeric 1.0.2

I am running Redhat 6.2 and Ximian Gnome which I downloaded a
couple of days ago. This morning I downloaded Gnumeric 1.0.2 and
tried to install.  It gave me the following error message:

checking for libole2 >= 0.2.4                        ... <FAIL> not found
configure: error: This version of gnumeric requires an external
libole2 library the latest version can be obtained from

I then downloaded libole2 ver. 0.2.4 and installed it and re-ran
"./configure" for Gnumeric - result was same error.

I then copied all the libgnomeole2 files to "/usr/lib" and tried
again to configure Gnumeric - same error again.

Ran "ldconfig" and still the same error.

How can I get the system to recognize that I have libole2 >= 0.2.4
installed?  Thanks in advance.

Jeff Stephens

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