Re: Font and Column width problem

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 08:20:13PM -0500, John Johnson wrote:
I've noticed that when I import an excel spreadsheet, neither the fonts
nor the column widths are preserved. For example, if the original font
is Arial, the font is displayed as Helvetica (which is the default
font). Is there a way to preserve the original font type? How do I
change the default font? 

In the case of column widths, the imported spreadsheet column widths are
smaller than the original. What I've noticed is that excel uses number
of characters for column width while gnumeric use pixels or points. Is
this the reason for the difference. Is there a way to properly preserve
column widths. 

The issues are closely tied.  XL actually stores the col widths in
character widths.  We jump throug halot of hoops to try and guess
what they mean by that.  However, we also have an ancient kludge in
place.  Which maps Arial -> Helvetica without checking to see if you
actually had Arial.  You can easily find it and recompile the xl

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