Crash on startup

I'm on RH72/Ximan Gnome with whatever the latest packages are.

I was able to install (as is often the case) the Mandrake packages from

I had a few dependencies to solve but nothing major (and all from
rpmfind, mostly mandrake packages)

Message: 3
Subject: Crash on startup
From: Tom Cross <tomc cloudnet com>
To: Gnumeric List <gnumeric-list gnome org>
Date: 10 Jan 2002 10:55:53 -0600

On one of our RedHat 7.2 servers I have installed Ximian GNOME.  For our
xterminal users I would like them to be able to use Gnumeric so I have
it start it from this server and display on their desktop.

However, now I cannot get gnumeric to start up at all without
segfaulting.  I've tried the ximian package as well as gnumeric 1.0.1
and both seg fault on start up.

What should I check / try?

BTW:  When is Ximian going to release gnumeric-1.0.1 packages??  My
users are eager to start trying gnumeric out and I'm kinda holding back
waiting until ximian starts ditributing 1.x...


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