Re: v0.3 of Styleguide

Kevin Breit wrote:

This will add the <figure> structure for you to your SGML file where the cursor is.  It will prompt for the 
title of the figure as well as the filename (no extension).  All the data will be generated for you.  This is used 
by hitting F7.

(defun gdp-insert-figure (title filename)
  (interactive "MTitle: \nMFilename (no extension): ")
  (let ((point (point)))
        <title>" title "</title>
<graphic  format=\"png\" fileref=\"" filename "\" srccredit=\"Kevin Breit\">
    (indent-region point (point) nil)
    (search-backward "</screeninfo>" point t)))
(define-key global-map [f7] 'gdp-insert-figure)

Does thi sin fact work. I don't doubt that it inserts the intended markup, bu tit specifies: no extension. I clearly recall that we had to add extensions to all the files because the created html (both at home as well as on the gnumeric webpage omitted the extensions!).

Is it going to work in future?


Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow

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