Re: Gnumeric Documentation styleguide

[Adrian Custer]

  This should be a non-issue. The fact that it remains an issue is,
  I believe due to emacs broken-ness. Indenting should be done with
  tabs, and users allowed to set how big they want their
  tabstops. The files themselves should have tab characters for

(stop tickling my hobby horse :)

This is fine, if you are very careful and only use TAB for the
baseline indentation.  Here's a C code example (I realize this problem
isn't so critical in SGML):

        fprintf (stderr, _("foo: %s is too big, please try again.\n"),

It is very tempting to use two TABs and a space in the second line,
but it will screw up the indentation when you change the tab width to
something else than the standard 8.  Another example:

        char *          name;           /* actually filename */
        struct stat *   stat_buf;       /* useless comment */

Again, only the leading eight spaces should be replaced by a TAB, the
rest should be just spaces.

So, in theory, it could all work, but I know of no software which does
it right.  Neither GNU indent nor GNU Emacs will be suitably
conservative in their use of TAB.

  However, I have no idea how to make emacs use tabs instead of
  spaces. I know it can read them, I don't know if it can output

You can change the TAB width in Emacs using the variable tab-width.
It's buffer local, so you should set it in a hook.

Kjetil T.               abusing standards for the greater good

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