Gnumeric Styleguide .2

Hey guys,
        After much exercise by my aesbestos suit, I have written up v0.2 of the
Gnumeric Styleguide.
        I would like to clarify things.  This is a styleGUIDE!  This is
optional.  This is a recommendation for SGML/XML that is easy for the
writer to deal with.  Personally, going file to file with different
indenting styles is quite challenging to do.
        This is also mainly a developer styleguide.  I am quite confident that
we can put together something which is good for the reader.  However, I
am still unsure if we can get documentation which is simple for the
writer to grok.
        And as you can see here, this is v0.2.  This is still up for debate (as
many rounds as needed till we're happy).
        Again, review it, let me know what you think.


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