xml load problem.

Gnumeric refuses to load uncompressed XML input -- if you save a workbook
using gnumeric's default compressed-xml format and then uncompress it---
or you save it using the uncompressed-xml format---and then attempt to
load it, gnumeric will always try to import the file as plaintext.

This seems to be obviously because the text-import wizard is getting a
crack at the file format before the default file opener.

any ideas on how to best address this problem?  should the text-import
wizard flat-out refuse to load anything which looks like xml (i.e. starts
with "<?xml ")?  Or is that too draconian?  And what about other supported
import formats (now or in the future) which might look like plain-text?
How do we keep the plain-text importer from getting first crack at those?

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