Re: HSSFSerializer - Extensions?

My thought would be to make the changes acceptable but not required and notify the gnumeric folks ( about the extensions. They might be interested in implementing them. For the actually SCHEMA, create a different schema based on the original and mark files which use the extensions as being compliant to that schema and not the one hosted at/by gnumeric...


Danny Mui wrote:

There are some features that HSSF supports that gnumeric does not, one instance is setting fonts for the header/footer (among others). This is currently a need for my project I'm working on and I'm wondering how I should go about implementing this.

Should I extend the schema to accomodate these new features?

I extended the schema to support a few things so far:
1) Added an 'inches' unit designation to pass-through the values for margins since the 'in' unit requires conversion. 2) Added a &[FILE] attribute for the header/footer since excel supports it but my version of gnumeric does not.

I assumed the above two would be acceptable but don't know how to proceed on defining new elements.



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