Re: gnumeric cell content is one-of-given-set?

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 10:26:50AM +0100, joerg beyer email de wrote:
Dear List Reader,

is it possible to give a gnumeric cell a state, so it displays always one of this
set (e.g.:) {"Joe", "John", "Tom"}?

I want to give a cell a value of this set and want to do calculation with a
value associated with this names. I.e. I want to choose how spent to money 
by choosing the cell state and then take the money from his account.

We implement 90% of the way excel handles this but have not done the
last little bit.  The new autofilter work that will be released in a
couple of days has given us the last piece of the puzzle and support
for in a comfortable in cell combo.  The correct solution is to use

    Format -> Cell -> Validation -> From List
and enable 'in cell dropdown'

We import (and with the next release export) that from xls cleanly,
and can of course persist it in gnumeric's xml.  however, we still
need to enable the last little bit to put the combo in place when
the edit position's fmt changes.

That project is very doable, but a bit challenging since it would
involve touching a few different subsystems.

Any takers ?

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