Re: gnumeric cell content is one-of-given-set?

joerg beyer email de wrote:

> Dear List Reader,
> is it possible to give a gnumeric cell a state, so it displays always one of this
> set (e.g.:) {"Joe", "John", "Tom"}?
> I want to give a cell a value of this set and want to do calculation with a > value associated with this names. I.e. I want to choose how spent to money
> by choosing the cell state and then take the money from his account.
> This sounds very complicated, I know :-) I looked up the user manual but
> did not find anything like this. I dont know how E*cel does this, so I could
> not describe my wish in E*cel word. Hopefully anybody understands me :-)


the pop-down list (one of the sheet-objects, ie. not a cell state) could
in theory be used to do that, but in practice this isn't implemented yet
far enough. I do have some partial implementation one of my students
attempted, but that still needs some completion (and testing). I don't
know when I will get to that. I am already behind my stf changes.


Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow

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