Gnumeric 1.0.11

Gnumeric 1.0.11 'Ray Ray Ray your boat' is now available.

    This is a medium priority bug fix release, new development is being
    done in version 1.1.x based on gnome2.

    The main change in this release is that Ray Dassen has stepped
    up to become the maintainer of the 1.0.x tree.  He's done the
    heavy lifting to get Gnumeric happy under newer versions of the
    auto* tools.  There is also a fairly important fix for xml
    importing files with non ASCII characters.

* Patches

        * Don't rename a file when exporting to a lossy format

    Andrew Moise:
        * Fixed string termination issue in detection of structured text

    J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
        * Corrected the OMF file so the docs show up in yelp's help
        * Hacked the build system until a tarball could be produced.
          Verified that the tarball builds for both bonobo and non-bonobo.

        * fix undo for object drags on initial selection.
        * fix crash when validating 'between' and 'not-between' conditions
        * fix bound check when exporting to XL95 to actually warn
        * POISSON is defined for x == 0
        * Support the global outline buttons
        * typo in subtotal's help
        * Use the back port of the new xml parser in libxml1 (thanks DV)

        * Fix GAMMAINV.

* Availability

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