I have a gnumeric file with multiple sheets where each row represents
a data point.  Each column has a different formatting, and I want each
new row to inherit the formatting of the previous in a special way. Not
sure how possible this is in gnumeric, but I have one file that needs
all of the cases listed below.  Some of are more macro/programmatic,
and are included for completeness.  Some of them are more reasonable
(that having been said, does gnumeric need more developers?).

1. One column needs the value to be automatically filled with max(everything
   above it in this column)+1.  I.e., it need the next unused integer.
   Currently, I do this manually by sorting the above rows and then using
   the last row's number+1.

2. Two columns have functions in them with relative references, and these
   functions need to be copied into the new rows.  I can just grab them
   from the row above and copy them, but I was hoping there was a way to
   tell gnumeric "always put foo into column C when a new row is added".
   I can always prefill these columns down the page, but this is ugly for
   two reasons: it violates "0, 1, or Infinity" and it causes small changes
   to the spreadsheet to take nonproportional amount of time to recalculate.

3. These rows represent recorded observations, and each row has a column to
   indicate the date of the observation.  I'd like it to prefill with the
   current date (which can then be corrected manually if the data point is
   added much later than the observation).

    Is any of this doable in gnumeric presently, or planned soon.  Especially
if not, please see my parenthetical remark before the enumerated list 8-).

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