Re: Gnumeric export format xhtml

Jody Goldberg wrote:

On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 09:12:00PM +0200, Renaud Saliou wrote:
I need to export data in xhtml format to put it in a webserver. I search in the mailing list archive, but i find nothing. Could you said me if a format export to xhtml is present in gnumeric, if not does someone has planed it or is in charge of it ?

As Andreas has mentioned it would not be difficult to support xhtml.
We'll want to import/export it at some point, but no one is actively
working on it right now.  The html code could easily be reused to
handle this, so its a good project for a new developer.  Any
volunteers ?

I start reading content of directory gnumeric/plugins/html from cvs. I will try to send a patch. Like i am a little busy, it will take me time and like i am a new developer, it will be good that someone verify that my code respects philosophy of the Gnumeric project. I hope i wouldn't have problems to compile.

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