Re: gnumeric XML incompatibilities

   I found the same problem between .48 and .61.  I run gnumeric on a Red Hat
   6.2 box and currently have .64 installed on all of my machines.  After a lot
   of research my coworker and I found that .64 is a very stable version and has
   a fair number of enhancements over .48 and even .61 to make it worth moving
   to this version (.64)  We are now evaluating the latest version to see if the
   enhancements since .64 are worth installing or waiting one more version

Dropping in on #gnumeric on could save you guys a good
deal of time.

0.48 was pretty good, but is good so old that we are not even taking
bug reports.

0.61 was good, except for the text-import-crashes bug.

0.64 was quite ok.  (But try entering "-4,885" in a cell.)

0.70 has proven pretty stable, so far.

Note, if you run RedHat 7.1 you will see trouble.  They seem to have
some libc issues.

Compiling a static version of gnumeric (or any gnome program, I guess)
takes some effort and link-line hacking.  It can be done, though.  I
would recommend installing gnumeric and the libraries it needs in a 
separate place instead.

Current cvs sources are *much* better than 0.70, but has not been as
widely tested.  Whenever 0.71 comes out, wait a while for any
brown-bag releases and then consider using that version.


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