Re: Gnumeric 0.72

   - when searching for a text: nice feature, that shows all the matches in the
      search dialog!
      Unfortunately, the search dialog is modal (for some reasons I think), and
      I'm not able to edit the cells while searching..
      It would be nice in some cases to be able to open the search dialog, reach
      a cell, edit the cell, then click on "Next" and so on.. Of course it could alter
      the "matches list" which would have to be dynamically updated if the cell
      is touched.
      Are they too many reasons preventing to do this?

I'm glad you like it.

Eventually it will become non-modal.  There probably will not be dynamic
updating, but you will be able to click "Search" again and have things

When it does become non-modal, it will also be possible to have two
searches going at the same time.


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