Re: Install Problem with Gnumeric-0.71

This happened to me before. What I had was I installed some of the
packages that Gnumeric needs into my own home directory on a linux
machine. Since the configure file would try to look for those packages
that they need when generating the Makefile, they would complain like in
this case when it couldn't find them (because I installed them in my home
directory which it did not know it should search in).

So what I did was I went into the configure file and look for that line of
script that was causing that problem and change the path to where I
installed the package.

Hope tha thelps.

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Jeffrey Stephens wrote:

I hope it's not heresy on this list to say that I prefer the KDE desktop to
Gnome, but I would like to install the latest stable gnumeric. I downloaded
gnumeric-0.71 and read the README file.  I downloaded and installed the
minimum list of prerequisites specified there and then ran "./configure".
This is the error I get:

creating libtool
checking for gnome-config... no
checking for file in /usr/local/lib... not found
configure: error: Could not find the file that is generated by

I have the gome-libs-1.0.58-1 RPM installed.

Does someone help me to resolve this difficulty.  Thanks in advance.

Jeff Stephens

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