Pb with gnumeric...

Hello !

I'm a french mathematic teacher and I would like to work with
gnumeric, at home and at school also. I've got a pb with this program.
Installation is ok. But when I call it I've this message :

Gnumeric failed to find a suitable default font. Please verify your
gnome-print installation. Your fontmap file could not be found in the
expected location.

If you still have no luck, please file a proper bug report (see
http//bugs.gnome.org) including the following extra items :

1) The content of your fontmap file, if the file exist. (typically
located in /opt/gnome/share/fonts/fontmap

2) The value of the LC_ALL environment variable LC_ALL=<N'a pas été
3) The value of LANG environment variable LANG=fr_FR
4) What version of libxml gnumeric is running with. You may be able to
use the 'ldd' command to get that information.

In the terminal, I've got this one :

sylcha linux:~ > gnumeric
/opt/gnome/share/fonts/fontmap:1: error: Document is empty
/opt/gnome/share/fonts/fontmap:1: error: Start tag expect, '<' not
** CRITICAL **: file gnome-font-face.c: line 169
(gnome_font_unsized_closest): assertion `fontmap != NULL' failed.
** CRITICAL **: file gnome-font.c: line 245 (gnome_font_new_closest):
`face != NULL' failed.
** CRITICAL **: file gnome-rfont.c: line 946 (create_display_font):
assertion `gnomefont != NULL' failed.

I'll install libxml, libxmld, gnome-print, gnome-print-devel... I work
with a Suse 7.0 distribution. I don't understand why it doesn't

Could you help me ?

Sylvain. (Sorry about my english, it's very bad !!!)

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