Upcoming gnumeric release

I had hoped to release 0.71 last weekend but I'd like to do a bit
more work on the graph guru before it hits the distributions.  If
you like riding the leading edge now would be a good time to start
testing the next release.

0.71 will be a milestone in Gnumeric development in several ways

- Basic Graph support is in place.  We're just barely scratching the
  surface of guppi's abilities, but the architecture is sound, and
  it is easy to bolt on features.  XL importing is also functional.

- It is _significantly_ faster.  Morten and I got an early start to
  performance tuning and picked up lots of easy things that helped
  out.  We even support a poor man's just in time rendering, a
  feature that had not been scheduled until 2.0.

- Feature Slush.  As of 0.71 only bug fixes and known outstanding
  patches will be accepted.  Its time to prep for an official stable
  release before the end of this year and break the 1.0 barrier.

Happy translating and testing,

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