Some problems related to internationalization


I have two problems with current gnumeric related to
internationalization of gnumeric.  I use gnumeric with

First is trivial.  Recent gnumeric's search tool is really great.  But
when I search some cells which contain Japanese characters, "Search
Center' certainly find these cells but content of cells is missing in 
"Search Center" and only apostrophes are shown.
Maybe this is related to gal's e-table string handling?

Second is related to analysis tool.  If I use gnumeric with
LANG=ja_JP.eucJP, sheet name is assigned as Japanese name (
with functionality of gettext).  If sheet name is in Japanese, I can't
select "OK" even after selecting "Input Range:", because "OK" button
won't be active.  If I change sheet name to English name, I can push "OK".
For the present I edut ja.po file as not convert "Sheet" to Japanese,
but I hope I can use Japanese sheet name without any problems. :-)

Thank you.
Etsushi Kato
ekato ees hokudai ac jp

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