Re: src/commands.c: hard to translate

Thanks to Zbigniew Chyla, Almer "S." Tigelaar and Jody Goldberg

Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg home com> writes:

We'd end up having a table of 6 strings
            _("Clearing formats in %s") and
            _("Clearing formats and values in %s") and
            _("Clearing formats and comments in %s") and
            _("Clearing values in %s") and
            _("Clearing values and comments in %s") and
            _("Clearing comments in %s") and

This is potentially doable, but would get very ugly if we added
another attribute.

Okay, in general I see the point.  Here it seem the code doesn't to try
to join the part with "and".

Zbigniew Chyla <cyba gnome pl> writes:

But adding contextual information to the strings wouldn't. Take a look
at Nautilus sources - it uses a lot of autogenerated strings (usually
more complex than this one) and it handles i18n pretty well (at least
comparing to other GNOME apps).

I don't have Nautilus sources at hand but I like to support your

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