Gnumeric 0.65 & Excel

Hello everybody...

Ok I just downloaded the 0.65 version of gnumeric and I have a few
questions.  First, it states that I need to set a value for
GNUMERIC_ENABLE_XL_OVERWRITE.  What value do I set this to, and how do I
do this?  The other question I have is regarding choosing Excel 95 as
the default file Save As type.  I asked Jody this question a while ago
and he responded with this answer

        > Also I would like to make Excel 95 the only Save As file type
available for
        > users, is this possible?
Not without making a few changes in the source.
1)      remove the call to xml_init in src/main.c
2)Change the FILE_FL_MANUAL for excel_save_95 in plugins/excel/boot.c

This worked great for version 0.61 but now I do not see a reference to
FILE_FL_MANUAL in boot.c for 0.65 any suggestions?  

Thanks for all the help, it is great to see this product to continually

Rory Hudson
Information Systems
Zumiez, Inc.

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