Re: Gnumeric 0.65

From: "Rory D. Hudson" <rory zumiez com>

Thanks Dave...

Ok I have libxml all when I type ./configure in Gnumeric
I receive the  following error:

Configure Error: This version of Gnumeric requires an external libole2
library the latest version can be obtained from

Are you familiar with this error?  Do I need to just go get the latest
libole2 and install it?  Please let me know thanks

Yes, that error message is pretty clear.

As far as anonymous login, there's a limit of connections and if lots
of other people are using it, you may not be able to log in right now.

I wasn't going to send the above message to the list until I tried ftp
to the server myself.

Did really move to that site or is DNS just really
messed up somewhere?

ftp -i
Connected to


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