Re: compiling problem with 0.65, libole2

Adam Schuetze wrote:
   Unfortunately, "configure" fails to find libole2:
   checking for libole2 >= 0.2.2 ... <FAIL> not found
   configure: error: This version of gnumeric requires an external
   libole2 library the latest version can be obtained from
   Note: I installed libole2 version 0.2.2 in the default
   directories, /usr/local/include/libole2 and /usr/local/share/libole2.
   I don't know enough to pick apart the configure script (I stared at it
   a long time, but I just don't grok it).

Remove all libole2-config's belonging to older versions. They often
live in the libole2-devel package, but I don't know how Slackware is
set up.

It's also a good idea to remove config.cache before rerunning


Jon Kåre

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