Gnumeric 0.65

Gnumeric 0.65 is brought to you by the number '42' and dedicated to the memory
of Mr. Douglas Adams,  his humour made even airports funny.

This is a stable release.  The new code focuses on improving usability and
smoothing corner cases.  It marks the first time that exporting in MS Excel95
format is considered stable enough to optionally overwrite existing xls files.
It also greatly improves style defragmentation.  If your workbooks had
started using hundreds of megabytes and slowed to a crawl, load them with 0.65
and resave.

Note to packagers : Several dependencies have upped their version requirements.
    gnome-xml (libxml1) 1.8.12  - fixes some obscure infinite loops on bad input)
    GAL                 0.8     - improves the colour combo box
    libole2             0.2.2   - Memory leakage when writing ole files

* New features

        * Allow xls export to optionally) overwrite files       (Chema)
        * Improve parser error messages and handling            (Almer)
        * Partial support for outline mode                      (Jody)
        * Undo/Redo for Zoom.                                   (Almer)
        * SheetObject clone, write and load                     (Chema)
        * Support fraction formatting (not parsing)             (Jody)
        * Complete the CELL function.                           (Almer)
        * Revamp range selection code.                          (Jon K?re)
        * Improved plugin system                                (Zbigniew)
        * Improve XL95 export including merges & outlines       (Jody)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

        * Misc bugs.                                            (Gnumeric team)
        * Some tuning to improve start and exit times.          (Jody)
        * Fixed sorting dialog in the by-row case.              (Morten)
        * Fix printing of borders.                              (Jody)
        * Improve i18n support for XL import/export             (Vlad Harchev)
        * More array/merged region intercept checking.          (Jody)
          CLEAN, LEN, EXACT, REPT.                              (Morten)
        * More system portability enhancements.                 (Jody, Boc)
        * Drastically revise and fix-up the colour combos.      (Almer)
        * Enhance dialog placement.                             (Jon K?re)
        * Improvements for preview-grid                         (Almer)
        * Restore horizontal FILL alignment.                    (Jody)
        * Memory leaks.                                         (Morten)
        * Polish menu state handling for multiple views         (Almer)
        * Improve col and row sizing when cloning a cell.       (Juan Pablo)
        * Merge cell & hidden column interactions               (Jody)
        * Fixed formulae with leading dash, like "-995/5".      (Morten)
        * Catch many bugs with merged regions.                  (Juan Pablo)
        * Fix some irritating mouse behaviours                  (Jody)
        * Make undo/redo descriptors more descriptive.          (Almer)
        * Bug fix for supporting maximised windows.             (Juan Pablo)
        * Fix many bugs with merged regions.                    (Jody)
        * Make search-and-destroy work better on comments.      (Morten)
        * Some XL import improvement when parsing objects       (Jody)
        * Fixed parsing of numbers like "-4,885".               (Morten)
        * Prep for frozen panes.                                (Jody)

* Translations

        * Updated: de(Christian Meyer, Karl Eichwalder), ru(Valek Filippov),
        pl(Zbigniew Chyla), sk(Stanislav Visnovsky), tr(Fatih Demir),
        da(Ole Laursen), no(Kjartan Maraas), fr(Christophe Merlet)

* Availability

NOTE : Please do not package gnumeric-bonobo yet.  However, NEW for this release
       Bug reports are now welcome for the Bonobo build.  It will become the default

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