Build under RedHat 7.1

IT WORKS!!  After a long and rough journey I finally got gnumeric 0.64
to build under RH 7.1.  Even my customisations worked.  Thanks, Jody,
for all the help.

For those who are interested, this is what it took to get it working. 
Please let me know if I did something terribly wrong and created a
diaster waiting to happen.

-) First I started with a custom install of RH 7.1.  I selected every
development library which seemed even remotely usefull.  Required 1500
MB.  Up slightly from the 130 MB required by my first Slackware 0.97
install :-).

-) I modified gnumeric.h and sheet-style.c to give me 12**4 rows by 5**4
columns.  This gave me the minimum of 512 columns I needed (625,
actually) yet yielded a spreadsheet smaller than the default.  So there
shouldn't be any memory problems.

-) Each time "configure" would complain about a missing/outdated library
I would install it and then delete config.cache before running configure

-) The following are the libraries gnumeric needed to have

libole2 >= 0.1.7
GnomePrint >= 0.25
libglade >= 0.16
GAL >= 0.5
libunicode (required by GAL 0.7)

-) The libraries were installed, by default, into /usr/local/lib.  make
was able to find them with no problem, but the * files had to be
copied to /usr/lib before configure would acknowledge their existance.

-) The installation was performed as root.  I then tested from a mundane

-) At first, gnumeric wouldn't come up.  It couldn't find at
runtime.  So I copied this library to /usr/lib and remade its links.

-) gnumeric now runs and gives me columns out to XA.

There were come compatability problems with my pre-existing
spreadsheet.  But that was to be expected.  The original spreadsheet was
made under a version of gnumeric so old that 0.54 had some trouble
reading it.

The most noticable "bugs" are that all money fields now have a leading
comma (as in $,25.00). Re-clicking the money format button fixes this. 
Also, some cells, which are supposed to be empty, show a "$-". 
Selecting these and pressing <DEL> cleans them right up.

So I have a little cleaning up to do before I can continue entering

Hopefully, I won't have to go through this again until gnumeric 1.1
comes out.

Thanks again for all the help!

Bob Washburne

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