Startup problems, cant find suitable default font


I'm having trouble running gnumeric, when started all it does is present me with a dialog that says "Gnumeric 
failed to find a suitable default font. Please verify your gnome-print installation." and some more text 
about what i should report, so here goes:

My fontmap-file seems to be called /usr/local/share/fonts/fontmap2, and all it contains are these two lines:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<fontmap version="2.0"/>

I have not set the LC_ALL variable (what's it used for?), and my LANG is set to "sv"

I'm running libxml-1.8.11 and gnome-print-0.28. I'm using the latest gnome environment, compiled from source.

When starting gnumeric in a terminal i get the following lines:

Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library

** CRITICAL **: file gnome-font-face.c: line 305 (gnome_font_unsized_closest): assertion `face != NULL' 

** CRITICAL **: file gnome-font.c: line 244 (gnome_font_new_closest): assertion `face != NULL' failed.

** CRITICAL **: file gnome-rfont.c: line 961 (create_display_font): assertion `gnomefont != NULL' failed.

I tried searching the archive but didn't find anything relating to this. I don't think it's a bug either 

Please CC replies (if any) to me as I'm not in the list.



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