0.64 build can't find gnome print libraries under RH 7.1

The subject says it all.

I want to build gnumeric 0.64 with a couple of modifications (I
increased the maximum column count and decreased the row count.  Thanks
for the help, Jody!) under RedHat 7.1

-) I downloaded the 0.64 tar ball from the gnome archive.

-) ./configure dies with a GnomePrint library "Not Found"

-) I checked and the gnome-print-0.25.rpm was installed, but it only
appears to contain docs and fonts.  No library.

-) there exists /use/lib/libgnomeprint.so.11, but it was created back in

-) I downloaded the gnome-print tar ball from the gnome archive.

-) for gnome-print I ran ./configure, make, make check, make install,
make clean all without errors.

-) No new file was added to /usr/lib.  gnumeric/configure still dies
with GnomePrint not found.

-) gnumeric/configure uses "gnome-config --libs print" to test for the
library.  Running this command in a shell yeilds an "unknown library"

-) no man page for gnome-config

-) gnome-config --help-all gives interesting information.  "print" is
not one of the standard libraries which it knows about.  The only way
for it to work is for a /usr/lib/prinfConf.sh to exist from which it can
get the information.  It doesn't, so this test would appear to be doomed
to failure.

QUESTION 1) How do I tell whether I have the gnome print library(s)
installed correctly?  Just what are their names and where are they

QUESTION 2) How do I configure and build gnumeric 0.64 under RH 7.1?

Thanks much for all your help.

Bob Washburne

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