Re: browser helper app

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Mark L. Copper wrote:

 It seems your browser doesn't preserve extension of files being downloaded
after you click on filename. You may try writing a script and use it instead
of gnumeric for .xls handler - that script should rename (or symlink) file
under name with .xls extension and then call gnumeric on that file. 
 [ Disclaimer: I didn't check whether gnumeric will open .xls files properly 
if filename is passed on commandline - but it's reasonable to expect this ] 

I would like for Gnumeric to open .xls files when I click their links in
a browser (I'm using Netscape 4.7). I tried the simplest thing: gnumeric
%s as helper app for Microsoft Excel worksheets.  A similar approach
seems to work (though not perfectly) for Abiword as helper app for Word,
but Gnumeric seems not to repond at all.  Anyone else doing this?

Mark Copper

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