Re: gtk2.0 was Re: gnumeric for windows?

On 29 Mar 2001 18:33:37 -0800, Jim Richardson wrote:
Personally, I don't care re: M$ versions of anything, (not that I think
they shouldn't exist, just that I don't use M$ so don't care) but can
anyone give me a brief rundown on the improvements that gtk2.0 will
bring us? from the developer pov rather than the end-user. 

There ought to be a quick writeup of this somewhere online (but I
can't think of where it would be).  Anyway, off the top of my head
the improvements in Gtk+-2.0 will include:

o  Integrated Win32 port (plus possily some other cross-platform
   improvements, I can't remember).

o  A change of the object system from GtkObject to GObject, meaning
   that only Glib will be required to make use of the "Gtk" object

o  Integration of Pango ( for high-quality 
   rendering of international fonts.

o  New text widget?

o  Other improvements that I don't know about since I'm not a Gtk+

Hope this is some help.



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