Re: Using Glade files in Gnumeric

I don't think I agree with this.

I can see the point of checking for missing files -- that kind of
errors happen.  But checking [parts of] the contents makes little
sense to me.  If someone hand-edits their glade files, they get
what they deserve.

Also, take a look at dialog-search-replace.c.  I don't see how to
fit that into your scheme without sacrificing readability.  Sure,
we may look up a widget once or twice too often, but that's a hash
lookup and thus quite fast.

There certainly are things in the dialog setup that need attention.
I know of...

* Caching of xml files and/or dialogs.  Currently we throw start all
  over every time.  Thus we cannot have fields with history.

* Too many handlers.  Most dialogs currently attach a zillion
  handlers in order to track the status of buttons.  That is, IMHO,
  pointless when we can just get the status from gtk when we need

* Modality.  All dialogs except s-a-r are modal, but most need not

* Range selection widget instead of text entry.  Jon Kaare is taking
  a look at that.


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