[gnumeric-list]Gnumeric Release

Gnumeric 0.64 aka 'Do the Bartman' is now available.  This is a release
candidate for Gnome 1.4.  It fixes one memory problem and improves the plugin
architecture.  Almer also solved an old request for the scrollbar to
do live and delayed scrolling.  All other changes are largely
cosmetic polishing and improving corner cases.

Note to packagers : The version requirement for gnome-xml (libxml1) has increased
                    to 1.8.10

* New features

        * Release 'Mini-Morten' -- a cute little thing of       (Morten, Chen)
          about 3k She leaks, though. (Congratulations !)
        * Reworking plugin architecture to support JIT loading  (Zbigniew)
        * Improve scrollbar and enable optional live scrolling  (Almer)
        * Add a sample implementation of python based scripting (Zbigniew)
          The API is written in sand so don't get comfortable

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

        * Fix memory corruption error in sort undo from 0.63    (Jody)
        * Implement the default col/row dialogs and undo        (Almer)
        * Search and replace is now non-modal                   (Morten)
        * Improved themed behaviour.                            (Vlad)
        * Improved character set printing.                      (Vlad)
        * Enable/Disable some commands depending on # of sheets (Almer)
        * Fix drawing problem when scrolling                    (Almer, Jody)
        * enable center-across-selection toolbar button         (Jody)
        * Fix selection extension shrinking on leaving merged   (Jody)
        * Fix merge undo for multie regions.                    (Jody)
        * Fix interactions between spans and hidden rows/cols   (Jody)
        * Work around xls files which specify col/row too small (Jody)
        * Header redraw bug                                     (Jody)
        * Fix handling of custom currencies in XL format engine (Jody)
        * Round zoom factor nicely                              (Jody)
        * Some portability improvements.                        (Jody)

* Translations

        * Updated: hu(Szabolcs Ban), tr(Fatih Demir), ru(Valek Filippov)
        sk(Stanislav Visnovsky), fr(Christophe Merlet)

* Availability


NOTE : Please do not package or submit bug reports for gnumeric-bonobo.  Bonobo
       has been frozen for GNOME 1.4 but has not yet become part of the
       official platform.  It is fairly stable but not yet the default build.

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