[gnumeric-list]Re: gnumeric: Note to translators

Karl Eichwalder writes:

Maybe one needs another macro that takes the string to translate and a
group string used to put things together.

_#("Mean", "Math")

_#("Tan", "Math")

That's an interesting idea.  I'm inclined to believe that's the way to
go in the long run.

Yes. KDE is using the same technique. Improving the support for this
notation is on the gettext TODO list for 0.10.37.

#. * Note to translators: in the following string and others like it,
#. * the "/" is a separator character that can be changed to anything
#. * if the translation needs the slash; just use, say, "|" instead.
#. *
#. * The items are bundled like this to increase translation context.
#: src/analysis-tools.c:798
msgid ""
"/Mean/Standard Error/Median/Mode/Standard Deviation/Sample "

Man, split this! How is a translator supposed to update his
translation after you change "Range" to "Domain", without getting mad?


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