Re: After upgrade to RedHat 7.0, gnumeric no longer works.

In message <20010301083921 B21400 parallel tymbri org>, Jody Goldberg writes:

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 08:33:54PM -0600, Steve Cohen wrote:

Also running the RPM Verify function over gnumeric-0.54-4.i386.rpm (the 
RPM that came with the install) tells me that everything is in order, 
but obviously, it isn't.

Can anyone tell me what is going on here?  All other GNOME graphical 
applications seem to work, such as GXEdit, GIMP, gnotepad, gedit, 
Calendar, VIM, etc.

Actually everything is in order with gnumeric.  The problem you are
seeing is with another package that gnumeric depends on,
gnome-print.  Older versions of gnome-print some times missed fonts
when getting configured.  I believe the most common source of
problems was that it did not explicitly depend on ghostscript font

My recommendation would be to
1) Install ghostscript and its fonts

2) Get more recent packages for gnome-print and gnumeric
gnome-print >= 0.25
gnumeric    >= 0.61 (current release is 0.63)

This is an ancient gnome-print packaging error that I fixed in CVS after the
release of 0.25.  Unfortunately there hasn't been a new gnome-print release
since 0.25 was released on November 13th so everybody is still broken.

Red Hat should really issue an update for 7.0, because gnome-print is basically
unusable therein.

Now gnome-print 0.25 works if you do a make ; make install but who uses
un-package managed systems nowadays?


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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