Re: c&p from gnumeric

On Wed, 2001-06-20 at 21:27:49, Vlad Harchev wrote:

We need only "Copy special" in Gnumeric. We discussed this long time ago.

 Hmm, it's a complete hack designed to work around stupidity of

No, it's not "complete hack". Image the following scenario:
 1. You're editing HTML file in vi inside gnome-terminal
 2. You need some data from Gnumeric file, so you open it and select "Copy".
    There are two active plugins: HTML and LaTeX. HTML plugin can export
    data as "text/html", "text/unicode", "TEXT", "STRING", "UTF8_STRING".
    LaTeX plugin can export data as "text/latex", "TEXT", "STRING".
    Externally Gnumeric exports all of them as "TARGETS" (in case of
    conflict choosing the option with higher priority).
 3. You're trying to paste HTML to gnome-terminal but you DON'T KNOW if you
    end up with pasted HTML or LaTeX data. It depends on something you can't
    change if you are average Gnumeric user.

[stupidity of] html and latex editors that don't check in what format X
selection is available I guess.

Excuse me, but what is "latex editor"? I'm afraid I don't know any :-)
That's the problem - there's no "latex editor", "DIF editor", "CSV editor".
We need "Copy special" to paste data in "textual" format selected by the


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