Re: c&p from gnumeric

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Zbigniew Chyla wrote:

On Wed, 2001-06-20 at 12:06:51, Vlad Harchev wrote:

 If one wants to get raw HTML bytes of the selected part of the document for
plain application that doesn't check for presence of "text/html" format of X
selection -  such as gedit - one needs to create new gnumeric document, paste
selection into it, and export that temporary document to html. Or hack the

We need only "Copy special" in Gnumeric. We discussed this long time ago.

 Hmm, it's a complete hack designed to work around stupidity of
 html and latex editors that don't check in what format X selection is
available I guess.

 But anyway - correct way of implementing copy functionality won't interfere
with this hack too - just offer to provide selection data in all formats
gnumeric can provide it in (rtf, html) and provide data in X selection (as
"COMPOUND_TEXT") in the format the user selected using "Copy special" dialog.

 Best regards,

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