Re: Printing - scale to page size

What is the aprox eta for the print setup option, scale to page? I see it is on the print setup but not active. Currently, this is probably the biggest issue we have in converting excel users over.

Ask and ye shall receive.  A patch has just gone in that will enable
scaling the printing.  No support for scaling to a specific number
of pages, that will wait until later.

-- That will be great! We can figure out the % for a given form in no time. With Print Preview and % scaling we are set!

Many Thanks

Second, they would like to insert logo's (gif's) on the pages. Is there a method to do this now and if not, when do you think this would be available.

This is somewhat available in the Bonobo enabled build.  The next
release (0.66) will enable Bonobo by default.  Adding images is
somewhat tested, we can import them from XL, but there is no export
capability as yet and the interface needs work.

Hope this helps

Is this a pre or post 1.0 issue?


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