Question about recent changes in xml-io.c


I recently migrated to 0.65 and found some trivial problems (couldn't
export to csv text file).  So I update to current CVS version.  It is
very good, in particular excel file handling.  I can read Japanese
excel file without any problems in current CVS version (In 0.65, I
could see only first half of Japanese text in the cell). 

Only problem of current CVS version is it doesn't parse gnumeric xml
file correctly.  Because I use gnumeric in LANG=ja_JP.eucJP, some part
of xml file contains Japanese text (as names of sheet).  Up to 0.65,
gnumeric does read Japanese text correctly, but current CVS version
doesn't.  I found that changes in gnumeirc_xml_read_workbook() seems
to cause this.  If I use res = xmlParseFile (filename) as old one, xml
file is parsed correctly as before.  I'd be happy if parsing become
correct with nice io progress bar:-)

Etsushi Kato
ekato ees hokudai ac jp

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