Re: Rounding??

On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 05:50:38PM +1200, Nicholas Lee wrote:

Gnumeric seems to be inconsistent though in its approach.

Consider 3.55 which displays as 3.5 at 1 dp and 4 at 0 dp, similarily
for 3.5.

At issue was not Gnumeric being inconsistent intentionally so much
as being less careful than necessary.  Morten & and I have just
committed patches to make the rounding associated with formating more
consistent with MS Excel.  In the course of working on it a number
of other issues turned up.

If you are a non coder, and you would like to help, making a good
set of test cases for things like this is _very_ useful.  For
instance in this case I made a simple sheet using auto-fill to step
from -1 .. 1 by .05.  The test demonstrated that

1) XL & Gnumeric have precision issues with auto-fill
2) Gnumeric now rounds the same way XL does (when using accurate
   values not generated by auto-fill)
3) Gnumeric was inserting an extra space
4) Gnumeric still formats -1e-6 as -0.00 when formating to 2

Do you have a pet peeve in Gnumeric ?
Some behaviour that you think is incorrect ?
Make us a test sheet.  Be pathological.  Test the boundary

If we have a test it is much easier for us to
    - find
    - fix
    - and ensure that the problem does not reappear.


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