Re: Lotus 123 plugin?

On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 11:38:20AM +0200, Jon K Hellan wrote:

From a cursory debugging session, this appears to be an unsupported
version of the 123 file format.

Its from Lotus 97.

Gnumeric is supposed to automatically recognize 123 files. It did not
recognize this one. When I forced it to treat the file as 123, it
recognized the record format, but none of the records apart from BOF
(beginning of file) and EOF (end of file).

How do you force it to treat it as 123? 

Unfortunately, nobody is working on fixing this at the moment. To
solve your problem, you could try exporting from 123 in Excel format,
and import that into Gnumeric.

Unfortunately that didn't seem to work either.  ie. the XLS exported
couldn't be read by gnumeric.


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