Re: Compiling .61 and libole2 issues (Again)

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Stephen Reiach wrote:
RH 6.2

I have the same issues as described in "Compiling Gnumeric 0.61" at:

I've installed libole2 2.0 using the normal config.  Then usign the
prefix /usr/lib/gnome-lib

Its still says it couldn't find libole2.

I ran the libole2Conf it still couldn't find it.

running 'gnome-config --libs libole2' just tell me its unknown.

I've read the which shows if gnome-config comes up blank to
throw the error.

I know the library is actualy names libgnomeole2 (or close enough) I
just can't pin down the exact way to show the gnumeric install where the
lib is.

As described in the previously mentioned post setting
LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't solve the problem.

Can any please help me pin down a thread with a conclusion on how to fix
this? Or know it off hand?


cp {prefixwhereyoucompiledlibole}/lib/ `gnome-config --prefix`/lib

and reconfigure.

Or build libole2 with configure --prefix=`gnome-config --prefix`

and reconfigure.

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