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This came through webmaster gnome org  and I thought perhaps there were
some spanish speaking gnumeric users who could help.  Thanks,

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Hi,  I am David from  Monterrey Mexico.

My English is not very well, but i am going to try to explaint to you .
I use Gnumeric,  and I am a new user. I make and save a file, later when
I try to open it, the next message apear on my screen:

Application "gnumeric" (process 986) has crashed due to a fatal error.
(Segmentation fault)
....visit (or something like that) Gnome Application page.

If you know who can help me or what can i do, please sent my a message.

The file that  i can not open is very impontant for my , and the file
already exist and i can see it  in the Gnome  File manager.

Thanks for you help.


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