Re: financial library.

I have not looked at those.  I was not aware that there was equations to be found

Terry Boldt wrote:

On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, you wrote:
I found this while looking for finanical equations on the web. I have
not had much luck with the equations yet.

The api should match this one .

Have you checked out the financial equations in the financial calculator built
into the latest development version of gnucash? I don't know which financial
equations you are looking for, but the equations in that calculator are
documented in the source. I have been using the equations for over ten years
and in that time have matched what the banks report on all statements. Also the
equations were originally used on the Hewlett-Packard financial calculators and
used by thousands in the financial industries for more than ten years.

Are you looking for equations other than those used in the gnucash calculator?

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