Re: performing calculations on displayed/rounded values for currency

On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 07:42:28PM -0500, Dave Reed wrote:

Yes, you're correct - it's not the default as I was thinking.  I was
looking at an old Excel spreadsheet and after some hunting around
found an option that I had selected (Excel 97) under Tools -> Options
(calculation tab) for "precision as displayed" - that's what I would
love to see in gnumeric but I can't find it.  Does it exist?  If not,
any plans to add it?

I never noticed that feature and as such have neither implemented
nor considered implementing it.  It is probably fairly simple to do
internally.  We would add an post calculation filter to
to perform the necessary rounding.

Two architectural issues stand in the way
1) There is currently no tidy place to stick this flag
2) The format specifications are nicely parameterized internally.
   figuring out what the display precision is would require some

Both problems could be worked around with a quick solution.
However, I'd prefer to solve them correctly, which will take more
time.  Feel free to file a wishlist level bug and I'll get to it
eventually, however it would not be high on the priority list.

If anyone is interested in working on these problems things will get
done sooner.

Hope this helps.

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