Re: performing calculations on displayed/rounded values for currency

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Consider the following spreadsheet cells, formatted as currency:

=0.02*916.67   (displays $18.33)
=0.02*916.67   (displays $18.33)
=0.02*916.67   (displays $18.33)
=sum(above 3 cells) (displays $55.00)

Is there a way to get the sum to be $54.99 (i.e., perform the sum on
the displayed rounded values which I believe is the default for

It is not the default on my copy of Excel.


Yes, you're correct - it's not the default as I was thinking.  I was
looking at an old Excel spreadsheet and after some hunting around
found an option that I had selected (Excel 97) under Tools -> Options
(calculation tab) for "precision as displayed" - that's what I would
love to see in gnumeric but I can't find it.  Does it exist?  If not,
any plans to add it?


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