Re: Gnumeric-list meta-question

On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 10:53:29AM -0800, Diego Sueiro wrote:

1) Is this list appropiate for this kind of questions?
( trying of course not to bore everybody else here).
Yes this is a reasonable place for questions that may be of general
interest.  It offers a good way to include other people in the
discussions, and provide a journal for later developers.

2) Should I better look at to see who
made the change ( or wrote the code originally ) in 
that way and ask him/her by mail? 
If the question contains the phrase 'what were you smoking when you
wrote this ?' then private email is your best bet, otherwise
comments to the list would be better.

3) Is #gnumeric IRC channel more appropiate for this
sort of thing?
#gnumeric is a good choice for quick simple things, but irc is not a
great way to communicate larger design elements.

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