Re: docs: license etc.

The docs are being worked on pretty hard right now, 
so it would be very hard to go in and successfully clean them/ make
title and such have consistent capitals, end or not in periods...

The GPL at the begining of the doc is confusing. I started some
discussion on the gnome-hacker's list and gnome-docs-list that seemed to
say we should release the docs under the FDL. We should also be able to
pull the license itself from some standard location during the build.
Haven't had time to track this all down. For myself, either license is
equivalent. Since code is now speech, maybe speech can be code. :-)

minor corrections/suggestions will probably get lost. If you want to
take a whole section, you might be able to but we need to co-oridinate a
little now since most sections are being worked on or have been claimed
to be worked on. If you can get on #gnumeric, on irc, we could
talk there.


On Fri, 2001-12-28 at 17:03, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
Hi all:
(sorry if this had been discussed here before - I only recently joined
this list).

Currently gnumeric manual carries GPL license. Are there any reasons why
not use the FDL? GPL is not really intended for use with documentation.

Also, the section giving feedback address and links to GDP web page is
outdated - I could update it if there are no objections. 

 I also have a number of minor corrections/suggestions to various parts
of the docs (inappropriate use of sgml tags, missing titles, incosistent
capitalization in titles, ...). Whom should I send my patches to? Should
I  find the one who works on this part of the document (from CVS logs)
and send to him or her? Or is there someone coordinating the whole


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